Thanks to my wonderful mother, I was taught about healthy food and healthy eating from an early age, something I am eternally grateful for. This knowledge and interest has been my mentor throughout my life, therefore I have always made health conscious decisions when feeding our family. I am passionate about nutrition and am always studying and analysing the latest research on healthy eating.

Our lives took a huge change in 2008 when I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy who has severe food allergies. My son came into the world and had various symptoms from day one. After many doctor’s visits and trips to specialists, a paediatric dietician suggested he possibly had food allergies. After a severe reaction when he was 12 months old, and through allergy testing, we discovered he was allergic to wheat, dairy, egg and nuts. He also reacts to all colorants, preservatives and flavourants and always had a serious case of eczema.

My biggest concern as his mom was that he would feel ostracized as he was “different”. He is now a healthy, happy boy who always feels included at parties, play-dates and events involving food as he always has his replacements. It was always so frustrating for me to find allergen-free products out there where all the allergens were removed but were mostly replaced with sugar. As they say "necessity is the mother of invention" and that's how my HEALTHY products were born.

The past few years have been a true learning curve in which I have mastered some great recipes. My beautiful children have been my greatest inspirations and after many years of them saying “Mommy, you should open a bakery”, I finally decided it was time. They have also been my most honest critics and only the truly tried and tested “kid-friendly” products have made it to market.

My greatest wish is to help others out there with food sensitivities to lead a normal, healthy life. Regardless of whether you have food sensitivities, my products are also Low GI, high in fibre and Vegan, they are suitable for diabetics or slimmer’s and my new product range targets those following a low-carb, grain-free diet. All my products are sugar-free and I only use natural sugar replacements which are 100% safe for children and no artificial sweeteners. My products are also GMO free and I go to great lengths to ensure none of the ingredients contain any artificial colorants, flavourants or preservatives.