Food & Beverage Reporter - Feb 2016

These innovators are taking baking into new territory
Hot on the heels of the Gluten-free revolution comes Grain-Free. Marika Sboros investigates the trend and speaks to the bold entrepreneurs behind this ancient/new way of eating...

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Life Bake on SAFM Lifestyle with Michelle Constant

Matthew Ballenden from Fresh Earth Food Store is a nutritional chef specialising in Gluten-Free foods. Matthew often contributes to the SAFM Lifestyle show and Life Bake was fortunate enough to be a guest on the show relating to the benefits of following a Grain-Free eating plan.

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Prof. Tim Noakes on Banting - Written by Sharon Atkins

Q There are certain symptoms that people have complained about while living the banting lifestyle e.g. tummy not regular, bad breath, nausea, light- headedness. Are these temporary conditions?

Constipation. You have to get the right fibre content in your diet and we find that psyllium husks are really good. I eat a product called Life Bake Bread, it is so full of fibre, everyone should be eating it because it is so good...

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Lose it Magazine - January 2015

Getting to know Bronwyn Adir, the founder of Life Bake and her motivation and vision for her brand.

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Interview with Bronwyn Adir

John Maytham of Radio 567 gets personal with Bronwyn Adir and discovers how she managed to bring the Life Bake brand to market.

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Eco Diva by Nicole Sherwin. Posted on June 4, 2014

Grain-Free, Sugar-Free, Paleo-Friendly Delights.

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Minimum carb, maximum taste...

Forbes prediction of the 12 hottest food trends for 2014 listed trend number three as being Healthier Kids' Meals.

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Getting over your bread addiction

Many people struggle on the LCHF diet when it comes to cutting bread out of their diet. It is also difficult if you want your children to follow a LCHF diet.

Prof. Tim Noakes says... "I use seed bread, it is called Life Bake"...

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